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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    P2P-Banking.com, one of the leading blogs focusing on the development of peer-to-peer lending worldwide, has just published this interview to commemorate the fourth year since Zidisha’s founding:

    “Interview – 4 Years Zidisha

    I have been following and using Zidisha for years. Today I am glad to be able to publish another interview with Julia Kurnia, Director and Founder of Zidisha Microfinance. An earlier interview conducted 2011 is here.

    Zidisha celebrates its fourth birthday. What is the current status?

    Four years ago, Zidisha launched as the first direct P2P lending platform to bridge the international wealth divide: We linked economically disadvantaged individuals in some of the world’s poorest places directly with individual lenders and allowed them to transact each other directly.

    This went against conventional wisdom because it had always been assumed that this demographic could not use web-based services and needed local organizations to serve as a go-between…” Read More
  2. russell

    russell Forum Member

    Hi julia I read your report and thought of something new.Mpesa is very good for kenya.For other countries would it be possible for borrowers to open a paypal account themselves just like they would if they were an ebay user?Paypal is an excellent safe bank,the new members would automatically be verified by paypal.I have been a paypal user for 7-8 years with no problems at all.Maybe paypal operate in some of the countries or future countries.Some lenders might lend more to a paypal account holder.Just a thought russell
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  3. Falconet

    Falconet Forum Member

    Great idea!
    That would certainly give more credibility to the borrowers and more assurances to the lenders!
    In the borrower loan page there could a small badge stating "This borrower is Paypal verified" or something like that.
  4. K M

    K M Gold Member

    Hesitating a bit because I don't want my paypal account to be shut down, but when I created a Paypal account there was next to no verification of who I was!
  5. Paul Gitau Kamande

    Paul Gitau Kamande Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Paypal would only be good for cash disbursement, in my own opinion
  6. russell

    russell Forum Member

    I had to jump through several hoops which got me to the highest level of verification.It was probably because sometimes I sell expensive things and I buy on ebay big things like cars for my own use.None of it was hard though it involved proving my address and phone number my credit cards my bank account.It would have been impossible for me to have verified a fake id which I guess is the point of it.
  7. Falconet

    Falconet Forum Member

    A verified paypal account requires a credit or debit card/account verification if I am not mistaken.
  8. K M

    K M Gold Member

    I'm not sure what I have :p Perhaps it is an un-verified account, as I have never withdrawn money through paypal.
  9. Kjartan

    Kjartan Forum Member

    I have an account that says I'm verified. The only thing I've ever done is responding to an verification e-mail, and used my credit card to upload money (to Zidisha :). Might be there are several degrees of verified?
    How do you withdraw money from Paypal? Only option available is to transfer it to my bank account. At least that is the only one visible on my paypal-account.

    Is credit cards and bank accounts common among our borrowers? I suppose not.
  10. russell

    russell Forum Member

    One of the hoops was they posted a code to my address by normal letter and I then had to input to my account the point was to verify the address.There were similar phone calls.I think a bank account is essential so only some of our borrowers would have one.However they might try to get a bank account if they had to and on its own that would improve their status and financial standing.
  11. KirstenShute

    KirstenShute Gold Member

    The way I've always uploaded money from Paypal to Zidisha is through Zidisha itself - I go to My Impact, click on Add or Withdraw Funds from the options on the sidebar, put in the amount I want, and press the "next" button which takes me to Paypal where I enter my password to confirm. Then the money I uploaded is available right away. (I think it would be nearly the same for the credit card option, though?)

    And I had to verify my Paypal account through email and by linking it with a bank account. I didn't have to send/receive any physical mail.
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