What's the health system like in your country?

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    In Kenya its hectic with the devolution in the heath sector to be handled in the counties there has been numerous strikes of doctors every end month due to salaries not being paid on time.

    another issue is few doctor less than 1000 to cater for the 40 million people or citizens of Kenya.

    other instances are changing of new born babies for dead ones once delivery process is through.

    there has also been increase in the amount that someone is deducted for the nationsl health insurance fund ( NHIF) which has risen. this doesnt cater for those living below the poverty line i.e. earning below $1 a day.

    I think its better in other countries than compared to Kenya.

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    @K M - to be honest, I haven't thought much about what to wear to the doctor. I don't have a regular doctor, since they're hard to get in Montreal, and the last time I went to a clinic I'd been having stomach pains that kept me awake three nights in a row, so I'm lucky I didn't put on all my clothes backwards! (There was nothing serious wrong with me; turns out I'm just lactose intolerant).

    It's sad to hear about the corrupt health providers @Boniface described, and I don't know what would help best: to regulate the pharmacies, put more funding into health care, or offer more grassroots health education... obviously, I'm not the person to make these decisions, but I hope the government and NGOs are working to make things better. The "developed" world is also part of the problem when, for instance, drug companies insist on patenting their products instead of allowing generic versions - the branded versions are more expensive and so poorer countries can't afford to buy as many.
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