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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    On behalf of all Zidisha members, I'd like to thank Randy Petersen and the Milepoint frequent flyer community for the generous donation of the software and design expertise that made this forum possible.

    The Milepoint community has been a big part of Zidisha's recent growth and development. Milepoint currently members make up Zidisha's largest lending group, with over $215,000 in Total Impact. As Milepoint founder Randy Petersen observed in an interview earlier this year:

    "From Milepoint we have learned that direct contact is a gift not only when we travel, but in our charitable endeavors. And Zidisha allows us an even more direct form of communication in helping others. Zidisha for us is a new form of pen pals for the future and with this channel of charity it brings giving to a personal level..."

    "In frequent flyer programs we want our upgrades, we want extra bonus miles. In giving, we want the most for those we help. We’re not here just today to help Zidisha, we’ll be here tomorrow and the next day. And remember, we’re new as well. As we grow, so will our support of Zidisha. Let’s grow together."

    We'll do our utmost to make this forum a venue to enhance that collaboration, and to bring our members together in support of Zidisha's advancement.

    Julia Kurnia
    Director, Zidisha
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