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Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Isaac Gyapong, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Isaac Gyapong

    Isaac Gyapong Isaac Gyapong

    Dear zidisha, I have sent several messages complaining about my uncredited payment i made on 15th September. I want to know if the issues is solved now. I dont know how i can continue my repayment because there is a technical problem in crediting the accounts of Ghanaians. The details of my uncredited payment i made are below.

    Your payment of GHS 50.00 to MITa - (233548418954) has been completed at 2017-09-15 18:41:45. Reference: 1. Your new balance: GHS 180.22. Fee was GHS 0.50. Financial Transaction Id: 2145270649. External Transaction Id: -.
  2. Senaya

    Senaya Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Dear @Isaac Gyapong, there has been a technical issue with MTN for all Ghanaian borrowers.

    Use the support ticket option under your account to report the issue. Zidisha is no longer responding to emails but responding to the support ticket.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. Evans Ansu Amponsah

    Evans Ansu Amponsah Volunteer mentor

    My mentees are demanding explanations from me as to why their payments hasnt been credited to their respective accounts since more than a week ago.

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