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Discussion in 'Borrower Questions' started by Marto, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Marto

    Marto Sky is the limit Volunteer Mentor

    Hello members. Early last week, I introduced an administration officer to Zidisha and although he didn't sign up he expressed a lot of interest in the concept. Last night he called me and invited me to a youth forum that he will be having in his area to speak about Zidisha and what its all about.
    I am a VM and I thought it was a good way to pass the message to many people only I wonder whether Zidisha would be OK with the idea.
    Please give me your views.
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  2. Rejoice Azameti

    Rejoice Azameti Forum Member

    Congratulation Bro.
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  3. Elvas Masika

    Elvas Masika Forum Member

    What if I am not a VM but I see opportunities of getting more invites through organizing Zidisha Forums in my community since many table banking groups are coming up due to the members' opportunity in getting loans from those groups.
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  4. Bayle C

    Bayle C Gold Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi Marto,

    That is a great idea! Yes, that is a wonderful way to spread the word about Zidisha in your community. Thanks for being so involved!

    Bayle, Country Liaison Manager
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  5. Marto

    Marto Sky is the limit Volunteer Mentor

    Thanks Bayle for your encouragement.
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