Repeat borrowers can now increase their credit limits through optional Members Loan Fund payments

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    We are now offering the possibility for repeat borrowers to increase their credit limits by making optional payments into the Members Loan Fund.

    Up until now, applicants were required to decide whether and how much to pay into the Members Loan Fund at their first loan, and that decision permanently determined their future credit limits. Now, members have the flexibility of making no or a small MLF payment at their first loan, and paying additional amounts to access further credit limit increases in the future. They may opt in in the repayment amount selection page which now appears in each new loan application form.

    As with first loans, there is no requirement for repeat borrowers to make a payment into the MLF. A member who does not wish to do so may simply take out their next loan in the amount of their current credit limit, and repay the same amount.

    If the member chooses to make an additional payment into the MLF fund, they will receive the same net disbursement (equal to their current credit limit) as those who opt out, but the total repayment will include the MLF amount they have selected. As with first loans, subsequent credit limits will then increase based on the increased amount that the member has repaid.
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