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Discussion in 'Borrower Questions' started by john otieno akello, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. john otieno akello

    john otieno akello Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Has the registration fees been increased to KSH4000. I got call from a 3 borrowers asking the same question.if so please zidisha team review these fees because majority of borrowers are resource poor and struggling to make ends meet.I believe most can not afford that much ,though they are thirsty for finance to develop there businesses.
  2. Dominic Kibet

    Dominic Kibet Forum Member

    Zidisha has not incresed that.
  3. Margaret Julliet

    Margaret Julliet Gold Member

    Bayle and team kindly respond to this string. I already informed my invitee that the reg fee is 3000/= only for her to call me and inform me that the reg fee is 4000/=.
    Please clarify as there was no alert raised as to the increased reg fee.
    I believe Zidisha has good systems to update members before changes are effected.
  4. Hana Burkonova

    Hana Burkonova Gold Member

    Dear Margaret,

    Thanks for bringing this up and sorry about the confusion! Let me double check this information and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Best wishes,

    (Zidisha team)
  5. Hana Burkonova

    Hana Burkonova Gold Member

    Dear Margaret,

    Indeed the registration fee has recently gone up to 4000 KES. I believe the reason why no e-mail was sent is that it does not really affect current borrowers but only the future ones. Once again, I am sorry for the confusion.


    Zidisha team
  6. Hana Burkonova

    Hana Burkonova Gold Member

    Dear John and Margaret,

    In fact, I would like to specify the changes regarding the costs of joining. The registration fee itself actually stays the same price (1000 KES), however, it is the one-time contribution to the loan reserve which has risen to 3000 KES. Therefore, the total cost of joining Zidisha is now 4000 KES.

    Best wishes,

    Zidisha Team
  7. Paul Meltus

    Paul Meltus Silver Member

    didnt know that till now.

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