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  1. Samuel Afriyie

    Samuel Afriyie Forum Member Volunteer Mentor

    I will like to plead simple question, since I became a Volunteer Mentor The 50 Mentee I requested have not being add Up more quickly as I expected.
  2. Seth Afari-Boateng

    Seth Afari-Boateng Volunteer Mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Hi Samuel

    Your question isn't so clear to me but from my understanding I can see you ate asking why your mentees haven't been assigned to you quickly.

    The answer I have for you is that the mentees select the Volunteer Mentor by themselves and also automatically sorts them put by location too. Once in a while, Zidisha sometimes assigns mentees randomly as well. Kindly have patience and I know you'll get more mentees added up soon.

    If you think you still want more you can request for your limit to be increased as well. For any further question, do not hesitate to contact anyone here or send an email to

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Zidisha VM
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