Payment for another Zidisha member using a different phone number.

Discussion in 'Borrower Questions' started by chelah, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. chelah

    chelah Gold Member

    I recently paid Ksh.100 for a zidisha member who was incapacitated,via my phone number. That payment was credited to my account yet I indicated his number as the account number for that particular transaction.Does that mean that you cannot pay for another member using your phone number?
  2. peter Odongo

    peter Odongo Volunteer Mentor

    Hi Chelah,

    What you did was good for business but what your should know is that your mobile number is your account as the system identifies you. The system recognized as if you were making your own payment. Please next time remember you can't make a payment for another member even you are or you're not registered with zidisha family. For further inquiries please feel free to write an email to zidisha community is here to change lives.
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  3. Reema M.

    Reema M. Anglophone Liaison Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi Chelah,

    I believe nobody can pay for someone else directly. The loan repayment for a borrower has to come from his/her registered phone number.
    If you want to explore further, could you drop in an email to

    Many thanks,
  4. chelah

    chelah Gold Member

    Thanks Peter!
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  5. chelah

    chelah Gold Member

    Thanks Reema.
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  6. chelah

    chelah Gold Member

    Thanks Reema.
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  7. FosKorto

    FosKorto Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    You cannot pay on behalf of any member with your mobile money account.
    With reference to the Repayment Instructions on our individual account page, there's a useful note that says;

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure that your payment is credited to your Zidisha account, please send all loan payments from the same MTN phone number as you used when registering with Zidisha. Payments sent from a different number will not be credited to your account.

    Let us all heed to this instruction so as to avoid future happenings of this nature.
    However, you may please send a mail to for rectification.

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