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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Evelyn

    Evelyn Forum Member

    If it is to receive email notification from all the comments posted on a particular borrower's profile, then you "subscribe" to the Disqus discussion on that borrower's profile.
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  2. Shehi

    Shehi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Zidisha website is getting better with each passing day! However correct the below;
    i)Names of borrowers on comments still link back to the homapage www.zidisha.org,

    ii)My VM assigned members profile page now shows https://www.zidisha.org/index.php?p=8&page=2. However, I cannot navigate to subsequent pages to view any assigned borrowers beyond the first page. On clicking the 'Next' button am reloaded the same first page am viewing.

    ii) While on homepage https://www.zidisha.org/ there is no indication that the page extends below what someone is currently viewing. Maybe the top banner could be reduced to give a a piece of what is hidden way below the banner.

    Thanks to everyone working behind the scenes to improve our website!
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  3. Sverre

    Sverre Forum Member

    Design is getting better an better.
    How is it possible to post pictures here in forum?
  4. Shehi

    Shehi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    [​IMG] via url only
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