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Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Laurie, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Dear Borrowers,

    This is to let you know that I'll be on vacation from Zidisha from July 5th-31st.

    Other Zidisha staff members should be replying to you while I'm gone.

    Please note, however, that regarding any questions about loan applications, loan funding, loan disbursements, loan repayments, on-time repayment rates, or anything else to do with specific loans or specific individual borrower accounts, the Forum is not the appropriate place to ask those questions. Instead, you should send an email to "Service@Zidisha.org" from the email address you used when you signed up for your Zidisha account.

    Always allow three business days for a reply before emailing again on the same topic.

    For the possibility of faster service, please mention your country in your email, as that will save the Zidisha representatives who sort incoming emails into appropriate country team folders some time in not having to look up that information when your email arrives.

    See you in August!

    Kind regards,
    The Zidisha Team
  2. silaz

    silaz Silas Omuteku Alindah Volunteer Mentor

    Thanks and enjoy your vacation
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  3. Kwaku Yiadom

    Kwaku Yiadom Forum Member

    I still want an answer for this; wait list applicants are going to have their account being redundant or is there any assurance? please
  4. sefah reindolf

    sefah reindolf Osofo Volunteer Mentor

    Great!!! Wish you well on your your Vals day.May you come back with more ideals.see you soon,Love you
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  5. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Chers emprunteurs,

    Cet avis est de vous informer que je serai en vacances du Zidisha du 5 au 31 juillet.

    D'autres membres du personnel de Zidisha devraient vous réponder alors que je suis parti.

    Veuillez noter, toutefois, qu’au sujet de toute question concernant les demandes de prêts, financements de prêts, versements de prêts, remboursements de prêts, les taux de remboursement en temps, ou autre chose au sujet de prêts spécifiques ou de comptes individuels des emprunteurs spécifique, le forum n’est pas l’endroit approprié pour poser ces questions. Au lieu de cela, vous devez envoyer un email à “Service@Zidisha.org” de l’adresse d’email utilisée lors de votre inscription à votre compte de Zidisha.

    Toujours permettre trois jours ouvrables pour une réponse avant d’envoyer un autre email sur le même sujet.

    Pour la possibilité de service plus rapide, veuillez indiquer votre pays dans votre email, qui permettra aux représentants de Zidisha qui trier les emails entrants dans des dossiers de l’équipe de pays approprié d’économiser quelque temps, n’ayant pas la nécessité de rechercher cette information quand votre email arrive.

    Je vous verrai en août!

    L’équipe ZIDISHA

    P.S.: S’il vous plait, pardonnez mon français rouillé.
    (Ça fait une trentaine d’années depuis que j’ai été couramment avec la langue.)
  6. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    You're welcome... and thank you, too, Silaz. :)

    Hmm, though, it's actually going to be a "working vacation"... meaning I'll be working on trying at least to make a good dent in some personal-business projects I haven't had time for in quite awhile... maybe I'll even complete one or two of those, if at all possible... so, unfortunately, it's not really going to be a "fun" vacation from my work here at Zidisha... however, I do intend to take at least a few days to do almost nothing at all, at first, before I dive into any of that other work. ;)
  7. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

  8. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Thanks, Sefah! :)

    Hmm, I've already got lots of other ideas I haven't even had time to post in the Staff Forum yet... I'll post those eventually, though. I've posted a few, awhile back. Other staff members have, too. But we have to realize, of course, that not all changes can happen quickly. The programming staff is small, they have to prioritize, and they have limited time and energy, just as all of the rest of us do, too. Also, not all ideas are going to be liked or accepted... but some could be... so, if you have ideas, too--and I'm sure you and many other borrowers do, as well!--why not start a thread of "Borrower Ideas" in the Open Forum where borrower ideas all could be listed in one place? ;)

    See you soon!
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  9. Daniel Kivango

    Daniel Kivango volunteer mentor Volunteer Mentor

    I wish you a happy one Laurie.will surely miss you in here. ..
  10. sefah reindolf

    sefah reindolf Osofo Volunteer Mentor

    That is a great ideal too.we will start and see.Thank you and enjoy your vals
  11. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Wow, three weeks went by fast! :rolleyes:

    I'll catch up, as soon as possible, acknowledging (and replying to, where appropriate) any messages that others didn't acknowledge/answer while I was away.
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  12. Seth Afari-Boateng

    Seth Afari-Boateng Volunteer Mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Welcome back Laurie,

    So glad to have joined the forum.

    Now things are going to be a lot more easier. :)
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  13. silaz

    silaz Silas Omuteku Alindah Volunteer Mentor

    We'll come back!
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  14. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Thanks! :)
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  15. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Thanks, Seth! :) So sorry I didn't see your message earlier! :oops:

    Happy to have you here!

    Best wishes,
    The Zidisha Team
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  16. Joseph Quansah

    Joseph Quansah Silver Member

    We are happy to have you back from vacation. Laurie, there is something bothering my mind that I want you to come to my aid. My loan, after posting it yesterday, was featured for 30 days maximum expiration. Notwithstanding, the loan is not featured on Zidisha page too. I can't find my own loan on the Zidisha page, though, Zidisha claims it has been published. Can you please find out why my loan is being featured for 30 days and why it is not showing on the Zidisha page for me? Thanks.
  17. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    I apologize for the delayed reply, Joseph; I've been busy working in other areas of the platform (you can see all I do by clicking on the "Information" tab on my profile here in the Forum... I do try to reply to messages in the public Forum every day, but I am not always able to... unfortunately, there don't seem to be many others replying to borrowers much or very often, so when I don't have time, I notice most messages go unanswered... I do apologize for that, and I hope others working for Zidisha will step up and help out more often to reply to borrowers, too). In any event, this is very strange. I've never heard of it being 30 days before (only about half or less than half that). and I haven't seen any announcement come through about any change to 30 days. And the rest of what you wrote sounds like a bug. If you have not already done so, please send an email to "Service@Zidisha.org" to the attention of the team for your country so they can assist you. (I'm not really sure why there's a section in the Forum called "Borrower Questions" because it's my understanding that all borrower questions about their loan applications and loans are supposed to be sent in via email to the appropriate team; there are different teams for each country that Zidisha serves. If you'll notice, most replies to borrowers in the Forum are just to communicate that fact.)
  18. Joseph Quansah

    Joseph Quansah Silver Member

    I have messaged Zidisha long time about my loan not being published on the page and the unusual 30 days maximum expiration. This is the message I received from them on August 3, 2016 but since then they haven't done anything about and my loan is not shown on the page since day one I posted.

    Zidisha Service (Zidisha)
    Aug 3, 11:43 PM EDT

    Dear Joseph

    Thanks for the message. I do not know the maximum time for loans to be featured, I am not sure if it has changed. I have tried to look for your loan in the Browse Projects section, but cannot find it either.

    I will ask in our staff forum to see if there is any reason for this and let you know once I have an answer.


    Zidisha Team
  19. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

  20. Joseph Quansah

    Joseph Quansah Silver Member

    Thanks very much, Laurie for your reply and the assurance that Joseph A is looking into this matter. On the contrary, it seems I'm becoming too much impatient because it's been 6 days now and nothing has been done about it. My loan is still not published and it shows on my dashboard that it will expire in 25 days time. I don't really understand this.

    I'm sorry for being impatient but Zidisha should have emailed me about what they are doing about this problem after me sending them two emails.

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