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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Dear all,

    I'm glad to announce that the on-time repayment report has now been ported to the new website and is available to the public. It is accessible from the link "Want to dive deeper? You can see the individual loan reports that provided the data for these statistics here." at the bottom of the Statistics page.

    This report tracks the on-time repayment performance of loans issued, in cohorts segmented by date the loan was funded. Since most of the impact from changes in credit risk is seen in the loans that are subsequently issued, segmenting by date the loan was funded allows us to measure the improvement in credit risk at Zidisha over time.

    We track separately the on-time repayment performance of the first installment, because this is a fairly good predictor of the performance of the remaining installments, it provides a common measure across cohorts of loans disbursed at different times, and it can be measured fairly quickly after a loan is disbursed.

    This graph depicts the on-time repayment performance of the loan cohorts issued over the past year. As you can see, the repayment rate of the first installment correlates remarkably closely with the repayment rate of all installments in each cohort:


    We're continuously adapting our system, so that the repayment performance of our loans continues to get better with each cohort.
  2. julidaze

    julidaze Silver Member

    well done Team Zidisha
  3. patie

    patie Forum Member

    Thats perfect
  4. Nyaanga

    Nyaanga Early Bird Volunteer Mentor

  5. evans forson

    evans forson Gold Member

    Good. Thanks to all the team for your hard working spirit.
  6. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Great work keep up the Good work the future is Zidisha very Impressive Now we are waiting for Zidisha App on Google Play store.
  7. Bernard Oxford Commey

    Bernard Oxford Commey Forum Member

    That is a good work done
  8. danielk

    danielk Silver Member Volunteer Mentor

    Great work
  9. Daniel Kivango

    Daniel Kivango volunteer mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Great work there,we actually heading far with zidisha,may God continue to bless all our lenders and zidisha staff to keep up the good work
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  10. Steve

    Steve Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Great improvement keep it up.
  11. stephen tabiri

    stephen tabiri Forum Member

    Job well done team zidisha
  12. Jones Ogembo Benecha

    Jones Ogembo Benecha SILVER MEMBER.

    Dear Julia I can't see my name and my invitee in the list.What might be the reason?
  13. Jerry

    Jerry Forum Member

    Awesome! Great news
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