No Update on some members loan repayment

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by George Zephaniah Offei, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. George Zephaniah Offei

    George Zephaniah Offei Forum Member Volunteer Mentor

    I have had a complain from two members in my community in Ghana in respect of no update on their loan repayment for the week.

    Mary Nyarko (0248529975) did her loan repayment transfer of GH¢40.00 on Tuesday 12/09/2017 but as at date (14/09/2017), the amount haven't reflected on her repayment schedule. Her weekly loan repayment date was 13/09/2017.

    Patrick Quaye (0247582089) on the other hand also did his loan repayment transfer of GH¢84.00 on Monday 11/09/2017 but as at date (14/09/2017), the amount haven't reflected on his repayment schedule. His weekly loan repayment date is 15/09/2017.

    All the necessary checks from the local network provider (MTN) proved that the above transactions took place the said date.

    Please, is this a general problem? Or it is a mistake on their part.
  2. ychuah

    ychuah Silver Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi George. I have checked their accounts and the respective loans are recorded accordingly. Sorry that the team couldn't reply earlier. Also, just to let you know that the payments would be recorded as the date the borrower make the repayment even though there might be delays with the posting of repayment. Therefore, on-time repayment rate should not be affected. Thanks!
  3. Zalika

    Zalika Forum Member Volunteer Mentor

    @ychuah did you know what is acceleration service? and how to use it?

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