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Discussion in 'Borrower Questions' started by Rosemary Dindi, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Rosemary Dindi

    Rosemary Dindi Silver Member Volunteer Mentor

    Kindly explain why we r still being told to invite yet most applications are being declined. Any major reason in Kenya. Thanks happy new yr to Roy my sponsor, all my other kind sponsors n the director n zidisha team/members
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  2. 0205588419

    0205588419 Silver Member

    Rose same in here in Ghana I don't know what is going on now
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  3. Daniel Kivango

    Daniel Kivango volunteer mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Hello Rosemary,from my understanding,you can invite anyone to zidisha but remember this does not guarantee them they will be approved to be zidisha members as you know,Zidisha has to carry out their process,rules for qualification and if they find the person is not eligible or does not meet their creteria to be a member regardless of who has invited them,then their application is declined.Hope this answers your question.
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  4. Margaret Julliet

    Margaret Julliet Gold Member

    Rosemary, I think it depends on case to case. Maybe we can look at the rejected cases and help with advise.
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  5. Rosemary Dindi

    Rosemary Dindi Silver Member Volunteer Mentor

    Please Roy help answer thz thanks
  6. john otieno akello

    john otieno akello Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    zidisha has been declining 98% applications!!
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  7. katborah danvas

    katborah danvas Forum Member

    which criteria are zidisha using so as to decline 98% ????
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  8. katborah danvas

    katborah danvas Forum Member

    my invitee is noting that when she reduces her repayment premiums she is charged!!! True?? And if so why?
  9. valmond

    valmond Good lord

    Daniel i run a cybercafe but non of those have seen applying for zidisha membership gone through.There is an automated decline system where a borrower submit an application and it is decline within 5 minute after submission.98% are decline without their account being reviewed!!I felt so bad taking their money for the service yet their application has been declined instantly so do always warned them that zidisha does not take new applicants at the moment.
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  10. john otieno akello

    john otieno akello Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Could someone from Zidisha respond to these please
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  11. john otieno akello

    john otieno akello Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    I really dont know whats going on,because those who apply meet the set terms and condition, could someone please help
  12. tony

    tony Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Perhaps it's a bug.
  13. valmond

    valmond Good lord

    Zidisha staffs are very hardworking volunteers and no bug have ever lasted more than a week without repair.Since October have invited over ten people but all were declined.Is that really a bug!Please Zidisha staffs if you are not addmiting new borrowers let us know,we are in the dark.
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  14. Roy

    Roy Gold Member

    I have asked about this. Unfortunately, I have no better answer than what I have posted previously about declined accounts. I wrote in early November:

    "I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Unfortunately, I do not think I can be of much help in resolving the matter. I may however be able to explain to you what an organisation like Zidisha, may not give you the answers you want. If the organisation provides such information, dishonest individuals are then able to use this to get around various checks that are used...... This is not only with Zidisha, it is common with many organisations. It is unfortunate that on occasions, honest reliable people like yourself may miss out on benefits, which you should receive.

    It may be that someone else has been using your personal details, for their own benefit. This is called identity theft.

    Even if you have been successful in the past, it may be that some details have now come to light, which suggest you are a bad risk..... What I expect you can do is get a refund from Zidisha. In my opinion you should be refunded the full $33.29 ($ 11.10 lifetime membership fee, plus $22.19 deposit to the Zidisha Members Loan Fund)."

    The fact that they are declined in 5 minutes, as Valmond informs us, does not surprise me. The system is automated. If a person was reviewing the application, with the same information it should be the same result.
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  15. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    And those details may be untrue, so do look into it and try to do whatever is possible for you to do to correct any errors out there about you (and then let Zidisha know).
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  16. tony

    tony Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    I appreciate Zidisha, the founder and all the great people like you that make it stay alive. We must also acknowledge that the system (specifically the automation) needs some improvements. Recently, there was a fault in the system that caused double entries of repayments made by borrowers. I was a victim and the system made me believe I had paid money that I had not. The effect was a severely battered On-Time Repayment rate, which as you may know affects my credit limit and of course lenders' trust.
    Yesterday, a borrower was asking me why her application was declined and of course I couldn't tell. When I looked at the information she had provided it was factual. Perhaps Zidisha should allow multiple levels of verifying new applicants so that even if it takes more time to verify a new applicant, they do not lock out 'innocent' borrower.
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  17. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi, Tony,

    We appreciate you, too!

    It's my understanding that anytime there's a system glitch, after it's remedied, so too are any negative "consequences"... i.e., no penalties persist for anything that happens which is the fault of an automated system (whether the third-party mobile-money platform, or the Zidisha platform, or both). If a team leader or someone else on your country's teams (email/SMS team, or disbursement/payment team) doesn't post on borrowers' "Discussion" pages to let lenders know what's happening, then the VMs or the borrowers themselves should post an update on the "Discussion" pages to let their lenders know what's going on, as soon as it's known by VMs and borrowers that something is going wrong. For Zidisha-platform issues, VMs and borrowers should check the "Announcements" thread (and other threads) here in the forum, and if they don't find their issue, then email should be sent in to "" with questions for the appropriate team to answer (please allow up to three business days before writing in again about the same issue, to give the appropriate team enough time to respond). Sometimes, VMs and borrowers will know of an issue before Zidisha does; for example, if it's an issue with a third-party mobile-money platform (recently, I know some payments attempted in Ghana were not going through on the MTN network). In that case, VMs and borrowers should (1) alert us (with as much detail as possible) at "" as soon as possible (and document what's happening with screenshots or photographs as proof so that any Zidisha penalty that happens can be reversed as soon as the technical issue is resolved), and (2) alert their lenders as to what's happening, as well, on their "Discussion" pages (just generally, meaning without too much detail... information such as account numbers, phone numbers, and anything like that should not be posted on borrowers' "Discussion" pages--or here in the public part of the forum, either--since those posts are visible to the entire world).

    Regarding the application-review process, only the Founder & Director (Julia Kurnia) can make changes to that. It's my understanding she does read all Forum posts.

    I know you've already seen the threads referenced below on the topic of declined applications, but I'm re-posting those here for anyone else reading who may not have read that information yet:

    And on the topic of technical issues:

    I understand your concerns and I do hear you. Please know that everyone here is doing the very best they can for borrowers on a daily basis. Also, I know for a fact that Julia does listen to and consider everyone's input. It is not humanly possible, though, for her to reply to each and every idea or suggestion. And consider, too, that just because a reply doesn't come through does not necessarily mean an idea or suggestion has been rejected. It may just be that it's something she has not yet had a chance to implement. As mentioned above, it's a good idea to monitor the "Announcements" thread from time to time, as she does mention policy changes in that thread.

    Kindest regards,
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  18. tony

    tony Gold Member Volunteer Mentor


    I appreciate your reply. I have noted you said that after a system glitch is remedied, the negative consequences are also remedied and no penalties. In my case, I feel I was penalized for the system failure. And to be specific, my On-Time Repayment dropped as a result of the system's faults. It is now 68% instead of about 90% or 92%. What happened is that I made a payment to Zidisha that covered several instalments. The system had a glitch and credited the amount twice. So the system made me believe that I made payments for twice the number of instalments of what I had planned to pay. I received two text messages implying I sent the payment twice. So I checked my zidisha account and the repayment record confirmed that I had sent payments twice (or rather for more instalments than I had planned to). So for sometime, wasn't sending payments because I knew I had repaid early. I later learned it was a system error after Zidisha rectified it and I learnt of it when I realized my On-Time Repayment dropped abnormally. This affected many borrowers and Zidisha acknowledged the glitch. Unfortunately for me, my On-Time Repayments cannot be changed because it is calculated automatically. It is severely damaged and I fear lenders will not see me the same way they did before. In addition, my credit limit cannot be increased because I do not meet the set threshold. All that because of the system fault.
  19. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Hmm, well, Tony, my analysis of the problem here is that you knew you had paid in "x" amount, not double that amount. The system cannot make you believe something you know is not true. When the system glitch erroneously "confirmed" that you had sent "x" amount twice, you immediately should have sent an email to "" to let the payment team for your country know that, no, you did not pay double "x" amount (you may have sent in an email about that, idk)... but, also, you never should have stopped sending payments because although you paid some money early, you didn't pay double the "x" amount and, therefore, should have resumed payment when you knew you needed to pay, rather than delaying payment based on erroneous system information.... because after the glitch was fixed, then of course your on-time repayment percentage declined. If, however, my analysis is based on misunderstanding something about the situation, please let me know.
  20. tony

    tony Gold Member Volunteer Mentor


    I think you being judgemental. And your analysis is not objective because in the first place you assume I am being dishonest. Perhaps, I wasn't keen, thorough! Let me explain further what transpired. I had money my Mpesa account (Mpesa is a mobile money transfer service or system). I use it as a bank and I am constantly sending and receiving money. At date Y, I intended to pay x amount. So I sent x amount to Zidisha. I guess Mpesa had a technical problem because the money did not go through. I suspected that because I did not receive a confirmation message from Mpesa (which normally is the case). I checked my Mpesa balance and confirmed nothing was deducted then. So I sent the money again. This time I received a confirmation message from Mpesa that money was sent to Zidisha. So my instinct didn't tell me to check the balance.
    After a day or two, I receive two messages from Zidisha confirming my payments were received. Normally, Zidisha sends a single message for each payment transaction. At this point, what comes in my mind is that I sent money twice and I blamed it on Mpesa technical issues. So I log into the system to confirm if indeed I sent the amount I intended to send twice. And when I saw that payments for about 10 instalments were updated, I believed I sent the money. As I explain this, I know I could have checked my Mpesa statement. But because I trusted Zidisha system, I didn't. I think in your analysis, you are telling me I should be wary of Zidisha's record keeping system.

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