New member fees no longer need to be prepaid

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Great Lydia Kindly write an E-mail to Zidisha they will answer you and explain the procedure.
    Thank you.

    LYDIA CHEPKORIR Silver Member

    I did wrote to them 3 days ago and till now I have not had a reply or update on my account!
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  3. Joseph Gatiba

    Joseph Gatiba Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Hi@Lydia, this will also depend with the time frame, each credit limit has a time frame before you get a loan increase .
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    LYDIA CHEPKORIR Silver Member

    Joseph, It was my first loan that I was supposed to repay in not less than one month, so that is taken care of
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  5. willstob

    willstob Silver Member

    Here in Kenya, there have been alot of victims of internet fraud, deducting the membership fee and sending the remaining balance to the new borrower saves alot of speculation and instills confidence to the borrowers.its also easy explaining why the sum was deducted than why to send first. I support the concept.
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  6. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    @willstob do you really understand how Zidisha platform works when you talk of internet fraudster you mean that the system Zidisha use has been hacked and also M-pesa system for fraudster to gain access and deducting Membership fee?will you kindly give us few individuals you have been victim of what you are reffering to thanks i will be happy to get your feedback.
  7. willstob

    willstob Silver Member

    OSCAR, please read my text well, I fully understand how zidisha works and its the best platform for internet borrowing that I have come across, my text was in support of 'new members need not to
    " prepay their membership fee', it would rather be deducted from their 1st loan. I never meant that zidisha is anything close to fraud nor did I say it has been hacked I just used simple english terms.I hope now you can easily understand what I meant.
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  8. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Thanks @willstob and i Quote what you said "Here in Kenya, there have been alot of victims of internet fraud, deducting the membership fee and sending the remaining balance to the new borrower saves alot of speculation and instills confidence to the borrowers.its also easy explaining why the sum was deducted than why to send first. I support the concept
    @willstob before you apply for Zidisha Loan there let you know their terms and conditions true or false then you have to accept them or decline when you receive your loan they state everything clearly they will deducted Membership fee from your first loan instead of borrower send the Member fee to Zidisha,let me give you a scenario who will you believe when asked to pay membership first before you get your loan or pay your Memebership fee when your project get funded,what you are saying was tried few months back and many borrower were not happy then they had to change thay way i asked you are you aware of how Zdisha Platform work, @willstob ask your self how many borrower want to pay first the membership fee before there loan is funded.
    Thank you.
  9. willstob

    willstob Silver Member

    Thanks, I think we are reading from the same script and I understad you well but may be you overlooked my punctuation, nevertheless thank for taking interest in my post.
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  10. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Thanks bro @willstob i got your point.
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  11. Bernard Oxford Commey

    Bernard Oxford Commey Forum Member

    This is good news least many who have nothing can start their business
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  12. Hillmar

    Hillmar Technician

    @Oscar Alochi that's true man.we all lead different lives and difficulties especially here in kenya.@Roy thumbs up for the light you've shade in this discussion. I really appreciate what the zidisha team is doing out there.

    Another thing and @Julia Kurnia as our z-team rep, I wish to ask this coz I dont know. For the second or third loan borrowers,why is it that when applying for a loan we have to accept that 3000/=has to be deducted before moving to the next step or is that what you guys refer to it as a BUG?At least the system should identify if you are a first or a second time loan borrower.
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  13. Roy

    Roy Gold Member

    You're welcome Hillmar.....That was a while ago though....I had to look back to see what you were approving of....It's always nice to get positive feedback though.:)

    I have a few things to say about your question to Julia. First, I shall provide the response I expect Julia would provide herself, then I will deal with the other, comments.

    Simply put, the reason is that it was a change to the system. At the time of the change some people had already had a number of loans, which incured interest. The new fee, replaces the interst payment on all future loans, so it is appropriate for all individuals that wish to borrow in the future, make the payments.... (Those loans that were outstanding at the time, continued to pay interest until the loan is fully repaid.) As it is a one time payment, whether it is the first or second loan is not an issue. All borrowers are to pay it to continue participating.....

    It is not (usually) a bug (an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer code that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.) I say usually, because there may be a situation when a borrower, has received a loan since this change was introduced and paid the fee. Now the same borrower applies and gets a new loan, and asked to pay the fee again.... This would be wrong and should not happen, but it is possible....The system should recognise he has already paid.

    This brings me to my first comment. The forum is best used for general discussion. If you have a question about your situation, feel you should not be paying the fee etc., contact your VM. If he/she is unable to help send an email to the Zidisha staff at Because your own situation may be unique, different from others, for Zidisha to give a response on this forum, may very likely mislead and confuse others. In February, Julia provided a detailed explaination on this forum..... too many words for most of us. It can be difficult to explain complicated things in few words, but some borrowers have commented.

    It is also a fact that the Zidisha staff are busy replying to emails, they do not always get time to read messages on the forum.

    Julia Kurnia is the organisations Founder and Director. I am not sure that "our z-team rep" does her or that role justice.
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  14. Steven Enos

    Steven Enos Forum Member

    Am very happy with Zidisha.After trying local Kenyan banks for a loan they required a vehicle log book or a land tittle deed.Despite that i have been their members for seven years.I was unable for i dont own any.But with Zisha i got my first loan.I will start repayment on Sunday.Thanks alot
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  15. Daniel Kivango

    Daniel Kivango volunteer mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Hello actualyy this is the best way and i happened to be one beneficiary of this scheme where the fee is deducted from my first loan which is a good idear according to me.Thank you so much for this and hope more are on the way too
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  16. Hayford KofivDabie

    Hayford KofivDabie Mr. Hayford

    We thank zidisha for their amendment made in this will help very well
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  17. alex nsiah

    alex nsiah Forum Member

    Great work done
  18. Roy

    Roy Gold Member

    Hello Festus, Could you be more specific about how you methof of checking the validity would work? To make any change, more details would be needed.
  19. Ronnie

    Ronnie Forum Member

    That was a great idea especially for those members who wanted to bring new members . the rule would bar then because they believed there was no guarantee that the will get their loan back given that the plat form in internet based. Thanks so Much for that Julia
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  20. Albert Anim

    Albert Anim Forum Member

    Dear Team ,
    Thanks for your reply ,i did get your point .How much is the Members Fund's fees per member .For mine keeps changes intially when i applied it was GHS250 ,10 days after it shifted to GHS350 ,and then 3 days thereafter is now GHS 500 .Looking forward to hearing back from you with comprehensive information on this .
    Kind regards.
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