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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    We're excited to announce a fun new feature: We've gathered the photos each entrepreneur has posted in the Discussion tab, and created a slide show in the main photo area of the loan profile page.

    The loan profiles that have photo collections have small white arrows on the sides of the main photo. Click on the arrows to see pictures of the entrepreneur's business, family, and more!
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  2. Jean Wendpanga

    Jean Wendpanga Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    i appreciated.
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  3. jairo wainaina

    jairo wainaina Forum Member

    would like to report my invitee are having difficulties in appliying when asked to verify with Facebook it loads then goes back please
  4. Bayle C

    Bayle C Gold Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi Jairo,

    Thanks for letting us know. Can you ask them to send us a message about this at, so we can look into it further?

    Bayle, Country Liaison Manager
  5. Oscar Alochi

    Oscar Alochi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    That's great i love the new photo slide show it has made things easy especially us Zidisha Community who can now view the photo at one point without scrolling down.Thanks @Julia Kurnia
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  6. K M

    K M Gold Member

    The slide show is fun, I've noticed that sometimes you get blank "images" where, I presume, there have been problems with uploading photos. It's a very small problem. Mostly, it's a nice change!
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  7. John Macharia

    John Macharia Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

  8. KirstenShute

    KirstenShute Gold Member

    I like this feature! I first noticed it when one of the borrowers from Senegal, who gives regular updates, posted pictures of the clothes she sells:
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  9. Zachary ojendo

    Zachary ojendo Forum Member

    Its fun watchi the pictures, kudos zidisha
  10. Obeng Kwame Enock

    Obeng Kwame Enock Forum Member Volunteer Mentor

    Good work lenders
  11. Arhin

    Arhin Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    That is a great work Zidisha. Keep it up. Thank you.
  12. alex nsiah

    alex nsiah Forum Member

  13. Grace Akoth

    Grace Akoth Forum Member

    Its fun. That will motivate me to upload as many pics as i can
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  14. Laurie

    Laurie Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries Zidisha Volunteer

    Actually, Obeng Kwame Enock, it's the programmers (coders) who deserve the credit for this nice feature. ;)

    (The only issue I've noticed with the slideshows is that sometimes some photos get chopped off, depending on their original orientation. It seems that "landscape" photos appear fine, but the bottom portion of "portrait" photos get cut off. If you compare the individual photos shown on the Discussion page at the link below, versus those same photos in the slideshow that was created for him, you'll see, for example, that the stacks of motorbike tires he's selling are fully visible only in the individual photos posted on the Discussion page, but not in the slideshow at the top of the page. It would be nice to be able to see the entire photo of each photo in the slideshow. Maybe the programmers can make that possible, sometime?
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  15. Daniel Kivango

    Daniel Kivango volunteer mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Actually this was the brilliant idea because it enables us to upload as many photos as possible,am not aware if intially no one could upload many photos as such as when i joined it was already i would say i came in when all was good including the membership fee when it was being deducted from the first loan,,:)
  16. francis maweu

    francis maweu bin mawe

    it is a good idea as one can later see where they were before joining zidisha and how they have been progressing. thanks to zidisha
  17. 0205588419

    0205588419 Silver Member

    Good job done now I can upload as many pictures I want thank you zidisha management for your great decision
  18. Jones Ogembo Benecha

    Jones Ogembo Benecha SILVER MEMBER.

    I am very much conversant with the slides,they embrace the culture of business or venture into which lenders are involved in.Nice Idea.
  19. Steve

    Steve Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Very great idea .
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