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  1. Dennis Kipkurui

    Dennis Kipkurui Volunteer Mentor

  2. ychuah

    ychuah Silver Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi Dennis. I am not sure what problems you are referring to. I suggest you can send a more detailed description of the problem to so that the financial team can help you.
  3. Dennis Kipkurui

    Dennis Kipkurui Volunteer Mentor

    Dear Zidisha,
    I would like to confirm that the delayed loans were because the mentees profile were not recommended but the volunteer mentors assigned to the mentees have had deliberation with the mentees and they are recommended hoping the loan will be disbursed to them.
    Thank you to all dedicated volunteer mentors.
  4. Cam Smith

    Cam Smith Gold Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hi Dennis,

    Both Ghana and Kenya are currently having some technical problems with loan disbursements, which we're investigating and trying to resolve as soon as possible. These are affecting all loans, not just first-time borrowers', and we're so sorry for the inconvenience and really appreciate your patience.
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  5. Thank you madam Cam Smith for your replied and effort made .i really believed and trust the zidisha team.Thank you
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  6. Arhin

    Arhin Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    I appreciate your effort for giving a precise answer to our brother's queste. Thanks
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