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Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by HANS OCHOLA, May 4, 2017.


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    Hello Zidisha team,
    I don't understand this agreement. This is my fourth loan, which I am yet to accept but..."I understand and agree that this loan will have the following deductions: 27,365 KES one-time Members Loan Fund payment and 5% service fee. I will receive a total of -5,004 KES but will still be responsible for repaying the full 23,538 KES loan.

    Can someone please help me understand this because I never expected a One-time Members Loan Fund payment, the obligation to repay 23,538, and only receiving 5,004 KES.

    My proposal also stated the intention for the loan and I even made commitments hoping that the loan would save me.

    Thank you.
  2. jthiaro

    jthiaro Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Hi Hans,

    I would advise you to please contact Zidisha administration at am sure they will lot into your issues and get back to you with the appropriate information.
  3. Hello zidisha team i want to know why most of Ghanaian zidisha member their payment has not been credited into their account from Monday 8th May till to day.Most of my clients are complaining.Thank you
  4. Seth Afari-Boateng

    Seth Afari-Boateng Volunteer Mentor Volunteer Mentor

    Hi Peter

    Zidisha operates with Volunteers like yourself and I so they do have a little of challenge with staff and updating of records but I can assure you your mentees payments will be reflected very soon before weekend.

    Do inform them about this and let them take time to wait for their payments to be reflected.

    Nevertheless, if their payments haven't reflected in a week let them send an email to with details of the transaction.

    Thanks and regards

    Zidisha VM

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