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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Dear all,

    I'm pleased to announce a new addition to our team: Jonas De Taeye has joined us as a full-time web developer.

    Jonas lives in Ghent, Belgium, and holds a master's degree in Mathematics. Since completing graduate school, he has spent time serving as a webmaster for various websites while pursuing independent education. He enjoys playing music, jazz, cinema, reading, mountain biking and healthy food.

    When we made our website code open source last month, Jonas was the first contributor to the project. Since then, he has been volunteering full time to develop new features and fix bugs in our website.

    To give you an idea of the sort of value Jonas brings to the table, here are just a few examples of improvements large and small he has made since joining as a volunteer:
    • Added the new sorting capability in our "Lend" page.
    • Converted the remaining pages of our website to the new homepage design to achieve a consistent style, header and footer throughout
    • Added the Stripe payment option to our lending cart, giving lenders who do not use PayPal a convenient alternative payment option.
    • Repaired the karma display opt-out option for lenders.
    • Repaired the "View assigned member profiles" page for Volunteer Mentors, so that they can access the contact details they need to follow up with their mentees.
    • Repaired the "Additional verification credentials" page that borrowers use to add national ID cards, recommendation forms and endorsements to their accounts.
    • Repaired our internal notes display for declined borrower accounts to make our security checks more efficient for our staff.

    Jonas has been so consistently active and made such valuable contributions that I asked him to work with us on a more formal basis - and was greatly pleased when he decided to join. Jonas will be serving as our lead web developer through the end of Y Combinator in April, and we hope beyond as well.

    Web development is a slow and complicated process, and even the best developer cannot remake an existing website overnight. Each modification takes many hours of painstaking work, so I encourage you to keep expectations realistic about how quickly our wish list of new features and repairs can be completed.

    That said, I am confident that having Jonas on our team will add immense value to the organization, and make our website a much stronger and better platform for our work.


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  2. Wiredfox

    Wiredfox Gold Member

    Thanks for this information. I hope this will mean that you are able to take a more strategic view of the site and its development...
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  3. KirstenShute

    KirstenShute Gold Member

    Thank you Jonas! That's a lot of work in so short a time. And I hope Julia has more time, now that she isn't worrying as much about website bugs and technical problems... but I have to expect that running an organization like this doesn't give much room for free time... Best to you both!
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  4. JimVandegriff

    JimVandegriff Gold Member

    Thanks for the work on the site, Jonas. I'm glad you are here.
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  5. Michaela

    Michaela Forum Member

    Hi Jonas!

    Also from my side a hearty welcome - I'm really looking forward to work with you!

    Kind regards
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  6. Clivoss

    Clivoss Forum Member

    Thanks Jonas.
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