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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 4.00.13 PM.png

    Our new loan profile design went live today! Here are the highlights:
    • A larger, high-resolution profile photo facilitates a closer connection than the previous small image.
    • The borrower’s narrative and comment history are featured in the center directly below the photo, making it easier to follow the story.
    • Information about the borrower’s reputation and performance scores and the current loan terms are organized into separate panels along the right side, facilitating evaluation of the key information needed to inform lending decisions.
    What other elements would you like to see featured in the loan profile page? Let us know by adding a comment here.
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  2. Mandy

    Mandy Forum Member

    Could the feedback percentage be moved down a bit so it lines up with 'Feedback Rating'? To me, it looks like the feedback percentage is part of the 'On-Time Repayments'.
  3. qt9998

    qt9998 Gold Member

    Wow ! Worth it for the bigger picture alone. I really feel I'm there now.

    1 -The ability to lend appears twice. That's probably intentional but I don't think it helps. Suggest removing the first one.

    2 - The date the application expires no longer shows. I always sort by "Expiring Soon" and would like to see the date to help me decide
    whether to fund or not. As it is now, I don't know if the sort still even works.

    3 - Sometimes the displays are top to bottom, sometimes side by side. Is this a bug?

    4 - There are some borrowers who have over 100 comments. Most of them are redundant. Takes a while to get to the bottom of the screen.
    Suggest limiting number or only showing comments from current and last loan. The rest is ancient history.

    5 - For those borrowers who have both an inviter and a mentor, do both show separately?
  4. eric

    eric Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    I would like to see how active is a borrower on his/her loan profile page.Some borrowers dont even respond to lenders comments,they only come again when they need another loan.
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  5. Miriam Frost

    Miriam Frost Forum Member

    Wow, looks great! A lot cleaner and easier to read. I agree about perhaps limiting the number of comments visible, or perhaps dividing them into pages?
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  6. Wiredfox

    Wiredfox Gold Member

    Looks good in Chrome from the screenshot, but it's all over the place in Firefox. OK in Safari (though the Home page is a bit askew in this browser). Haven't tested IE.
  7. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Hi Mandy,

    Thanks for noting that! We will repair the alignment soon.
  8. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    qt9998, thanks for this thorough feedback.

    I see what you mean about the redundancy of placing the lend form twice in the same page. We included the ability to lend in two places to accommodate both new lenders and those who prefer to expedite transactions without scrolling through too much information, and those who prefer to review the loan profile in depth before placing a bid.

    We have added the expiration date back into the profile page, at the top of the "About this Loan" section. Is this display what you had in mind?

    The top to bottom display was a temporary bug, which - in all the browsers we have tested so far - was resolved yesterday when we finalized the transition to the new design. If you clear the cache in your browser, is the top to bottom display still occurring in any of the profile pages you have viewed?

    We can limit the default comment display to a lesser number of comments. The default is currently 20. Do you think 10 would be more optimal?

    In the case where there is both an invitor and a mentor, only the invitor displays for simplicity. The invitor is more likely to have a strong personal relationship with the member than the mentor, as the latter is frequently assigned rather than self-selected by the members themselves.
  9. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Hi eric, that is a good point. Lenders, would it be helpful to add the ability to sort fundraising applications by number of borrower comments, to facilitate lending to those who are most communicative?
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  10. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Hi Wiredfox, this is helpful to know. Do you think you could try clearing the cache, and posting a screenshot of the skewed alignment so that we can identify and repair it? Thanks so much.
  11. qt9998

    qt9998 Gold Member


    About the lend form appearing twice, let's hope that lenders don't fill in both of them. Hope that doesn't generate a big bug.

    I see that the expiration date now shows, and as a "Bidding Closes" date. Looks good and the sort by Expiring Soon works too.

    The top to bottom display looks like it has been fixed.

    The default of 20 comments is not working, at least not now. 10 would be good, perhaps with an option to see more. The
    question then is should it be the first 10 or the last 10? One glitch which has existed all along is the comments are not always in strict
    chronological order, so the programming here may be a bit tricky. Another is the mix of borrower comments and lender comments.
    As for the question of whether to add the ability to sort fundraising applications by number of borrower comments, that too is a
    bit tricky. Just like the Feedback rating, it's too easy for borrowers to manipulate. Often, the same identical comment appears
    numerous times (this was an issue a while back). So to trust an area that is inherently unreliable to help lenders make "trust" decisions
    doesn't make sense to me.
    (BTW, I started a new post yesterday about adding new sorts)

    There may be a bug about initial $150 loans showing a mentor but no inviter.
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  12. Wiredfox

    Wiredfox Gold Member

    Looks OK in Firefox now. The About (borrower) panel is still not correctly aligned in FF. Feedback Rating label lower than returned data field.
  13. Mandy

    Mandy Forum Member

    Attached Files:

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  14. Shehi

    Shehi Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    @Julia Kurnia Where should i find the 'volunteer pages' link in the new face of loan profiles? I love account hyperlinks on the left hand, though.
  15. Evelyn

    Evelyn Forum Member

    @Julia Kurnia

    1. I disagree with the other feedback about limiting comments. I hope that all of the comments that have ever been made on a borrower's profile will still be shown as they have been in the past. For borrowers who have been with Zidisha for a long time there is often valuable information made in updates on their profile pages, especially when they were visited by Zidisha interns. When determining if I should lend to someone or not I often read through all of the comments. Sometimes I've learned that they suffered some major setback a year or two ago, but still managed to repay that previous loan. That gives me an indication of their strength of character. It gives me the confidence to lend to them, which their info story boxes might not. That important information would be lost if only the 10 or 20 most recent comments were displayed.

    2. Re: invitor vs mentor: I think both names should be shown. If a lender is having a payment problem and wants to contact the VM they will not know who it is.

    Recently there was an instance where the borrower's "invitor" had the same last name as the borrower. Some lenders on the forum were a little skeptical about lending to her. I found out by accident later after her fundraising loan closed that her VM is @Samuel Shehi. I'm sure that some people who were on the fence about loaning to her, might have felt more comfortable about it, knowing that Samuel, who is an active member of the forum would be the person following up with her.
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  16. Denise

    Denise Gold Member

  17. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Dear all,

    Thanks so much for your feedback on the new profile page design. We've made the following adjustments:
    • Both the inviting member and the volunteer mentor are displayed, in cases where a member has both.
    • The "About [name]" side panel now displays fields for the online identity and endorsements even when they are not present, to alert lenders that this information has not been provided.
    • The comment display is adjusted, with links to reply, translate and feature comments in our homepage now aligned below the comment text and profile photo slightly smaller to make room for the comment text.
    How does this look? Best regards,

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  18. qt9998

    qt9998 Gold Member


    "displays fields for the online identity and endorsements even when they are not present,..."

    In some countries (Burkina Faso for example), I believe online identity is not required, so lenders who
    are not aware of this limitation may have an unwarranted negative impression.

    Is there some way for the system to be more selective?
  19. eric

    eric Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    @Julia to me its look good now!!Thank you for quality job
  20. eric

    eric Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    @Julia on my page i don't understand this 'public endosment' kindly elaborate please.
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