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Discussion in 'Lender Questions' started by Dorothy Boampong, May 3, 2017.

  1. Dorothy Boampong

    Dorothy Boampong Gold Member

    Thanks to zidisha, my third loan has been fully funded, but what i requested as my third loan is not what has been disbursed into my account.. Hmmmm why so please?
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  2. Evansk

    Evansk Save Save ventures

    Dorothy, sorry to hear that .Please, email Zidisha team so that they will look into it for you.
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  3. Oppong Maxwell

    Oppong Maxwell Don't miss any opportunity

    Sory...but everyone has a loan limit.You can check on your page you could see your loan limits, so you have to be patient and also try to pay on time.
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  4. Dorothy Boampong

    Dorothy Boampong Gold Member

    Ohk dear, thanks

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