Getting updates on Loans where no repayments have been made

Discussion in 'Lender Questions' started by Helen H, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Helen H

    Helen H Forum Member

    Basically very happy with Zidisha and am delighted to be able to help business men and women overseas.

    However, I have a few loans where I lent the money and I've received no updates or repayments after several months. I've sent polite requests for updates via the Discussion option several times but heard nothing back.

    I realise I could use 'Advanced Repayment' however I don't want to do that as I believe that comes out of the general Zidisha fund. I gave the money to assist and I don't want any money back and have ticked the reinvest option anyway.

    I understand maybe some of my loanees just can't pay, and if that's the case, that's ok, in that case I just see it as a gift to help out, but I would like some sort of update otherwise it seems unfair as they are depriving future people who could receive the money.

    Is there anything else I can do to seek an update please?
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  2. Theophilas

    Theophilas Forum Member

    I think you should talk to their VM who can follow up and give frequent updates. Its true it can be a challenge sometimes for one to repay a loan but they need to give updates.
  3. Fitri Fauziyah

    Fitri Fauziyah Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your kindness and your trust by supporting borrower in zidisha.
    Other than zidisha staff, Volunter Mentor have their mentee contact and the borrower reference, maybe you can ask the borrower's VM to reach them. You can check the VM on the borrower profile page.
    I hope the borrower will update their loan progress to you soon. Thank you.
  4. Helen H

    Helen H Forum Member

    Thank you both for your reply.
    When you say contact volunteer mentor how do I do that please, presumably not in the Discussion page?
    Secondly some of the loans don't appear to have VMs just people that invited that, should I contact those people instead please?
  5. Ronny

    Ronny Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Lets try be in constant communication where possible wether in arrears ot not. Zidisha is a big family
  6. Callee Davis

    Callee Davis Silver Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hello Helen,

    Thank you for your comment and question. We really appreciate your commitment as a lender! It is a good idea to contact their Volunteer Mentor, as they have likely attempted to contact the borrower in the case of late payments. Perhaps you could send us an email with your details and the loans you are concerned about and one of our team members can look up the borrower profiles and let you know if they have heard anything from the borrower.

    Kind Regards,
    The Zidisha Team
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  7. Fitri Fauziyah

    Fitri Fauziyah Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Yes, you can contact their VM through VM's discussion page, actually if their VM still active and have a time, they need to atleast post a comment on their assigned member in arrear atleast once a month, because zidisha will send email asking the VM to try contact their assigned members in arrear and it's reference once a month.
    And yes you can contact the people who invited them join zidisha through their discussion page, Roy, another lender have done that. The person who invited to zidisha have the borrower email, and I think as the one who invited them join zidisha, they have responsibility to remind the borrower to pay their loan as their schedule, at least if the borrower have hard time, they need to update their progress in their discussion page.
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  8. mustapha mohammed

    mustapha mohammed Forum Member

    yes,i agree its the work of VM and he/she should check from his or her dashboard as we all suggested.thanks

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