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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Starting this week, the Forum will be moving to within the Zidisha website:

    We believe the new forum will better serve the community, for several reasons:
    • Since old forum is a third-party software, we cannot modify its source code or fix bugs in it. The new forum is built by our team, and we can design and improve its functionality to meet the needs of our members.
    • The old forum had a high ratio of spam to legitimate content, such that we had to moderate all content before it could be displayed. This slowed down conversations. The new forum will be open only to borrowers and lenders who have made loans, making it less likely to be a target for spam. (In the new forum, moderation is lifted once users reach a threshold of approved posts.)
    • A separate registration will no longer be needed for the new forum.
    • Comments are linked automatically to authors' Zidisha profile pages, allowing for better identification.
    • Automated translations are included with forum comments posted by borrowers in non-anglophone countries, and human volunteer translations are supported, facilitating interaction across language barriers.
    We will continue to host the old forum, but have disabled the creation of new threads. We invite you to use the new forum to open new discussions.

    Feedback on the new forum is welcome. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions for improvement here:
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