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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Dear all,

    Based on your feedback, we've added several enhancements intended to give lenders more customized control over the type of email notifications you receive.

    Expiring loan notifications: Lenders can now be notified when a fundraising application you are supporting is about to expire, and when an application you have supported has expired and funds have been returned to your account.

    More notification preferences: We have also added several additional customization options for email notifications, which you may view in the new "Account Preferences" page of your lender accounts.

    You can use this page to tell us whether you'd like to receive the following types of notification:

    • My loans are fully funded
    • My fundraising loans are about to expire
    • My fundraising loans have expired and funds have been returned to my account
    • My loans are disbursed
    • A borrower I am supporting posts a comment
    • A borrower I have funded posts a new loan application
    • One of my invites is accepted

    Option to replace repayment notifications with lending credit balance alerts: Finally, we've added an option to the "Account Preferences" page to receive a notification when your lending credit balance reaches a specified amount, rather than each time a repayment is made into your account.

    Future plans: A feature currently under development is the ability to "follow" specified borrowers. Instead of receiving comment and new loan notifications only for the set of borrowers to whom you have lent, you will be able to subscribe to receive a notification when any individual borrower your choose posts a comment and / or a new loan application. This makes it possible to keep track of borrowers who post great content but aren't currently fundraising, so that you can support their future loans or simply enjoy their photos and updates. Stay tuned!

    Thanks to our web developer, Jonas, for building these new features.


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  2. moscow1

    moscow1 Forum Member

    Am more concerned with borrowers.as you make requests to publicize zidisha via facebook and twitter consider the number of account turned down due to simple mistakes.in kenya most people only have basic computer knowledge this are people who needs guidance.you should atleast give one chance to recctify mistakes before declining to activate an account.this will help since facebook accounts are only used once..please cconsider this request
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  3. ginah

    ginah Gold Member

    hi julia thats sounds like a very good idea.thanks to u and your time as you continue to make zidisha user friendly.be blessed always
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