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  1. Roy

    Roy Gold Member

    Hello Friends,
    The United World Colleges, UWC is seeking young students interested in receiving a college education. (Students are typically aged between 16 and 19 years while they attend the college.)

    It does not matter if you are a lender or a borrower. This message is intended for you, because the UWC seeks to have the most diverse community, student and faculty possible. To this end applications are evaluated independently of the applicant's financial situation, which is evaluated seperately.... Some students receive a full scholarship, paying nothing for the education and others do not receive any financial support at all.

    Here are two video links, you can find many more by searching "UWC Video"...

    If you have any questions, I will be pleased to help.
    Best wishes,
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  2. evans forson

    evans forson Gold Member

    Thanks Roy for this information. God bless for the good work you are doing here.
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  3. silaz

    silaz Silas Omuteku Alindah Volunteer Mentor

    Thanks for sharing information. I wish to know academic qualifications Mr Roy
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  4. Roy

    Roy Gold Member

    Hi Silaz,
    Can I refer you to their website.... the message, I imbeded the link behind the UWC....I am sorry if it was not clear enough for you..:)

    To answer your questions, I have asked for some advice and have been told a number of things:
    - It was suggested I delete the 15 years....I have read students are 16-19 years, and thought they would need time to process applications.....
    - You are best to contact the National Committee of your country...
    - they have a number of different academic programmes....Once again, your National Committee is most likely, best to answer.

    It is very exciting, and well worth considering...
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  5. loriaa

    loriaa Forum Member

    Thanks a lot for the information.
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  6. Alex Lewa Tsuma

    Alex Lewa Tsuma Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    Roy, this is great..
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    GIDEON BERCHIE Forum Member Volunteer Mentor

    great opportunity for young members

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