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Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Hope2012, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hope2012

    Hope2012 Gold Member

    Hi I was just wondering I haven't seen many disabled people applying for loans

    Borrowers - What is the situation with disabled people in your country ? Can they get employment or business loans? Are wheelchairs and other helpful aids available?

    Thanks for any info.
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  2. Jean Mafouta

    Jean Mafouta Forum Member

    Oui il y'a des personnes handicapées dans zidisha. Notre association et ses membres y faisant partie. Dans notre pays le Sénégal, la vie des personnes handicapées est complexes. d'un côté il y'a celles qui se débrouillent comme elles peuvent et une grande partie est sans emploi, sans formation et donc ne participent pas au développement du pays. Les raisons qui expliquent ces écarts sont nombreuses. La stigmatisation, les tabous, l'absence de politique d'insertion, aucun programme n’existe dans nos pays pour un meilleur accompagnement de cette cible, ni au niveau des politique ni au niveau des organisations non gouvernementales.

    Alors, on peut dire que la vie des personnes en situation de handicap est peu reluisante. Nous nous efforçons au travers de notre association d'apporter une alternative à cette problématique avec la mise en place des ateliers de formations que nous avons mis sur pied, mais le chemin à parcourir est encore long.

    Coordonnateur aphad
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  3. KirstenShute

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    English translation:

    Yes, there are disabled people in Zidisha. Our association and its members are part of them. In our country, Senegal, the life of handicapped people is complicated. On one side, there are people who get along (i.e., are working) as well as they can, but a large number are unemployed, untrained, and thus can't participate in our country's development. The reasons for this divide are many. Stigmas, taboos, the absence of integration policies, and the fact that no national program exists to support this specific demographic, either at the political level or in non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

    So, we can say that the lives of people with disabilities are still not that great. We (Mr. Mafouta's organization) try to offer an alternative to these problems by setting up training workshops, but the road ahead is still long.

    Mr. Mafouta, coordinator of Aphad
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  4. Hope2012

    Hope2012 Gold Member

    Thanks /merci :)
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  5. john otieno akello

    john otieno akello Gold Member Volunteer Mentor

    I am a VM ,I have so far helped two physical challenged gentlemen to acquire zidisha loan.I am proud they are doing well.Thanks to zidisha
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  6. edward marfo

    edward marfo Silver Member

    hello ...please what if these disabled is currently a student in a university, can he still acquire help from zidisha to support his education ...
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    ABDOUL Silver Member

    Bonjours cher membre de zidisha de forum ça fait longtemps que je me suis connecté je profite vous informé que mes activité marche a merveille
  8. Hope2012

    Hope2012 Gold Member

    So sorry I haven't checked into the forum for quite a long time or thanked anyone for their contributions to this important subject.
    Merci M.Mafouta de votre contribution sur ce subjet
  9. Hope2012

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    I imagine that the rules are the same as for able bodied people, if the disabled person has a money making idea as well as being a student. I have seen students who are also entrepreneurs get funded.
    But Zidisha doesn't give grants, if a disabled student is requesting support for education there may be other sources online. Best is to search online for disabled student grants or disabled scholarship
    Hope that helps
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