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    I am a student at the University of Chicago working on an independent research project that involves analyzing data from Zidisha's website to develop statistical models for predicting the risk and impact (as gauged from borrower feedback) of microloans. I am developing a program that uses these models to automatically identify the optimal set of loans for a borrower with limited resources to fund to achieve the maximum positive impact.

    The scripts I have been using to obtain the data have recently been blocked from accessing the site. The site sends back the message "The owner of this website ( has banned your access based on your browser's signature." While I understand that automated browsing of websites like Zidisha is typically discouraged, I am actively trying to develop better tools for lending and for analyzing the impact of microloans in order to help Zidisha succeed as a platform. My code logs in to the website using a legitimate account the same way a normal user would, makes requests to the server infrequently, and only accesses information that is visible to a normal user.

    Is there any way I could regain access to data from the site? I would appreciate it very much if a member of the Zidisha team could tell me if there's a way I could continue with this project. Thank you!

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