Crediting of accounts for Ghanaians

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Isaac Gyapong, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Isaac Gyapong

    Isaac Gyapong Isaac Gyapong

    Dear zidisha team, this issue of not crediting the accounts of Ghanaians payment is really causing people not to have interest in their payments. I suggest the team this technical issue should be tackled because per the information i gathered from my mentees, most of them thinks zidisha is about shouting down thats why payments are not recorded on time as like the previous months. I have tried my best to communicate to many people to start payment because is a technical problem. So please the team should do well to solve this issues for Ghanaians. Thank you.
  2. Kwame chester

    Kwame chester Forum Member

    Thank for your concern, my mentee S are also complaining that same problem as Isaac has reported so please do well to solve that problem
  3. Robertha Boatemaa

    Robertha Boatemaa Forum Member

    As my colleagues have pinpointed earlier some even wants to opt out without repaying and it will affect the great work been done the team so please do assist us.
  4. sefah reindolf

    sefah reindolf Osofo Volunteer Mentor

    Please let us understand that there is an error some where and not ZIDISHA planing to shout down.ZIDISHA has grown pass that.Let's blame our own MTN.

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