Credit Limit For New Members.

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    I have noticed that there is a problem with loan repayment from New borrowers who begin with large credit limits. Most of the ones I have talked to as a mentor seems not to understand why members fund deductions were made. Even after trying explain to them, they seem hard to understand.
    But for those who start with lower limits, few have a problem with repayments, I suggest if zidisha could review this policy to minimize new members
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  2. yao kossonou

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    Thank you for your suggestion.
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    Is that so will verify from friends
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    Dear @willstob,

    This is to advise you that the "Announcements" section of the Forum is for official Zidisha business announcements only, and from the Director of Zidisha (Julia Kurnia, @Julia Kurnia), from the Operations Coordinator (Alejandra Cors, @Alejandra Cors), or very occasionally from other past or present core staff members ONLY (for example: Bayle, @Bayle C; Marite, @marite_p; Martha, @mfleury; myself, @Laurie; or Reema, @Reema M.).

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    What you have communicated up above, you should send in via email to "" and/or you should post in the Volunteer-Mentors Forum, if you are a Volunteer Mentor (since you haven't used your Zidisha-registered name in the Forum, but rather have used a nickname here, I'm not able to look you up on the main Zidisha website to find out whether you're a V.M. or not).

    Better yet, before you post--(or before anyone posts)--anything in the public Forum, you always should do a search (using the Search feature in the top, right-hand corner of your computer screen), because very often you'll see that there already is a thread on the very same topic (or several threads because of others' failures to search first, too). You should refrain from creating any new threads on identical topics (especially to ask questions when the same questions already have been asked... that happens a lot, which creates a lot of unnecessary additional work for the staff). Instead, what you should do is look for answers to questions, and only if you don't find the same questions asked after a thorough search, then you should add to the thread(s) that already exist on the topic. Thanks so much.

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    @willstob (and others),

    Also, please do not reply any further in this thread.

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    The Zidisha Team

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