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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Julia Kurnia, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. Julia Kurnia

    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    Dear all,

    We have made some important changes to the Statistics page:

    1. We now display dollar amounts in addition to percentages for loans repaid, repaying, forgiven and written off. The intent is to make it clear exactly how the numbers were calculated, and allow readers to track more precisely the status of every dollar that has been disbursed through Zidisha since our founding in 2009.

    2. The statistics for loans repaid, repaying, forgiven and written off now encompass all loans disbursed, including loans still outstanding. Previously they included only ended loans. The problem with including only ended loans is that the resulting information was outdated, because the majority of ended loans were disbursed over a year ago, and our lending model has changed a great deal since then. Including current loans makes the statistics more relevant, by communicating the performance of more recently disbursed loans.

    3. The data can be filtered by time period in addition to country location. The intent is to facilitate comparison between performance in previous periods and performance today. Currently the data can be filtered for loans disbursed in the last month, three months, six months, year or all time.

    4. We no longer display the on-time repayment rate progression graph, or breakdown of the status of currently outstanding loans. We found that displaying such complicated data confused many visitors, who simply wanted to know at a glance how our loans have performed. Much of this information previously contained in the graph and table is now conveyed by including the ability to filter by time period and by including currently outstanding loans in the consolidated statistics.

    5. We no longer report rescheduled loans separately. The reason is that at Zidisha, rescheduling has come to mean something very different from rescheduling in traditional microfinance programs. Traditionally, rescheduling is something of a last resort, done only when a loan is seriously delinquent. In that context, it makes sense to report them separately as being at high risk of default. At Zidisha, borrowers may reschedule at any time for reasons that have nothing to do with delinquency - in fact, it has become common to reschedule to repay loans earlier than anticipated due to business success. Rescheduling cannot disguise substantial amounts in serious arrears at Zidisha, because rescheduling does not allow borrowers to skip installments, and borrowers may not reschedule more than once without paying at least one scheduled installment.

    When web development resources allow, we intend to offer our full loan performance data as an API or as a downloadable dataset, with private information removed so that our lenders and the general public may analyze it. In the meantime, we are still including a link to the report of the overall and first installment on-time repayment rates of all loans funded since Zidisha's founding in the new Statistics page.

    I'd be happy to address questions and comments here.


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  2. K M

    K M Gold Member

    I like it, thanks. And I want to congratulate everbody, now that the new filter by time function has been added, I can indeed see that there has been improvement in repayment rates!
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