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    Julia Kurnia Director, Zidisha Zidisha Staff

    The borrower invite program is our way of recognizing and appreciating members who invite trustworthy new members to the Zidisha community. It works by awarding a credit limit increase bonus to the inviter for each new invited member who participates responsibly by repaying on time.

    Recently, we've observed some members abusing this program by inviting new members who schedule tiny repayment amounts in order to satisfy the on-time repayment requirement, take the invite bonus, then do not repay their loans. We've taken the following actions to help prevent these abuses:
    • There is no longer any requirement for the invited member to have a minimum number of installments due before a bonus is awarded to the inviter. Instead, the bonus awarded to the inviter cannot be more than the amount the invitee has repaid to Zidisha lenders. If the invitee repays a tiny amount, then a credit limit increase of only that amount is awarded to the inviter.
    • Previously, bonus amounts were fixed at the time the invite was accepted. This proved to be confusing in practice, and made it harder for us to correct imbalances in the invite system. Now, the bonus amount awarded per invitee is subject to change, and the same bonus amount is awarded for all invitees regardless of when the invite was accepted. (This also applies to the bonus awarded to Volunteer Mentors.)
    We'll continue to monitor the invite program closely to ensure it fulfills its intended purpose of entrusting larger loans to members who are genuinely helping to connect responsible participants to our community.
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