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Discussion in 'Lender Questions' started by Vicki Stewart, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Vicki Stewart

    Vicki Stewart Forum Member

    The loan borrower's name used to show on the Your Impact page under their pictures, but now it just shows the country name and the description of their loan. Is there any chance we can get their name included there again? As a lender, seeing their name there makes me feel more connected to the people I'm lending money to.
  2. Callee Davis

    Callee Davis Silver Member Zidisha Volunteer

    Hello! I will run this suggestion by the team!
    Kind Regards,
  3. Megan C.

    Megan C. Silver Member

    I second Vicki's suggestion -- I like seeing the names, too!
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  4. Ahadi

    Ahadi Silver Member

    Same thing for me , I can't see anymore the name and the town of the borrower in " Your impact " and in the " browse projects ".
    It looks now dehumanized :(
  5. Ahadi

    Ahadi Silver Member

    Thanks a lot Zidisha's team, all is back to normal now. :)

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