Feb 20, 2015
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December 31
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Liaison: Anglophone+Francophone Countries

Zidisha Volunteer

Coworkers and Visitors: Please click on my "Information" tab for a list of the tasks I do for Zidisha. :) Jun 12, 2016

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    December 31
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    Inspired by Tom Shadyac:

    ➤ 2015-01-23: Joined Zidisha as a Lender
    Join me at Zidisha? No-Obligation Gift:

    NOTE: Unlike borrowers who do receive a monetary benefit for inviting new borrowers, LENDERS DO NOT RECEIVE ANY MONETARY BENEFIT AT ALL FROM INVITING ANYONE. The invitation amount that you receive in your new lending account when joining from my link enables you to lend for free, and there is no obligation ever to upload any of your own funds. When the amount gifted to you that you lend is repaid by borrowers, those funds go back into the special lending-invitation account. If you decide to upload any of your own funds to lend, then after that money is repaid, you can withdraw it, or you can re-lend it to the same or other borrowers. (For more information, please see:


    ➤ 2015-03-26: Joined Zidisha's Staff
    (invited by Bayle and Julia) (

    I work on various tasks for Zidisha, usually 5-6 afternoons/nights per week, usually 2-9 hours per session (10-54 hours per week... usually 30-54 hours).

    ➤ Since 2015-03-29: Help correct English-language errors in borrower loan-profile titles, and help review and edit loan-profile descriptions (or suggest edits to borrowers) for projects in Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia ▲

    ➤ 2015-03-31 through 2016-12-31: Helped translate (from French into English) loan-profile titles and descriptions from borrowers in Francophone countries (prior to the integration of "Google Translate" onto the Zidisha website; afterwards, helped for a while to correct some of those automated translations) ▲

    ➤ 2015-04-06 through 2018-01-15: Helped choose lender and borrower comments to publish onto the "Project Updates" pages ▲

    ➤ 2015-10-11 through 2016-10-02: Helped answer lender and borrower questions in the Public Forum ▲ (took the initiative to do this following Bayle's departure:

    ➤ 2015-10-30: Joined Zidisha's Web-Development Board in Trello (where we report technical bugs to the Technical Team, and where we submit ideas and suggestions for improving the Zidisha website)

    ➤ 2015-11-05: Joined the Payment Team for Burkina Faso (recruited by Julia) ( and began nightly crediting of borrower repayments; also research and solve initially unidentifiable repayment issues (borrowers in Burkina Faso make cash payments in person at a local Ecobank branch, and then Ecobank sends us a spreadsheet of repayment information, which we download from them; and then we upload the information to the Zidisha website and credit borrower accounts); also answer repayment-related emails (previously in ZenDesk, now in Zidisha's in-house Support-Ticket system) (I also have taught and helped short-term interns on this team.)*/**

    *I did these tasks entirely or mostly alone from 2015-11-05 through 2016-03-31, from 2016-05-23 through 2016-06-30, and from 2016-08-01 through 2016-08-19, and which was at a time when the workload for borrowers in this country was much heavier than it currently is.
    (From 2016-04-01 through 2016-05-20, and from 2016-07-01 through 2016-07-31, Fanny [ ], who was a short-term graduate-student intern for Zidisha at that time, also gained experience handling these tasks entirely or mostly on her own, as well.)

    ➤ 2016-03-15: Joined the Payment Team for Senegal (recruited by Paige) (
    (more about Paige: (same description and other notes apply for tasks for borrowers in Senegal as above for tasks for borrowers in Burkina Faso - except, of course, for the note about Ecobank-BurkinaFaso - and also, of course, except for dates prior to when I began doing this work for borrowers in Senegal)

    ➤ 2016-04-07: Joined the Payment Team for Guinea (recruited by Paige) (same type of work as for the payment teams for Burkina Faso and Senegal)

    ➤ 2016-04-20: Joined the Payment Team for Niger (recruited by Paige) (same type of work as for the payment teams for Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Guinea)

    ➤ 2016-04-22 through 2017-09-30: Helped sort incoming borrower emails in ZenDesk into Country-Liaison Team folders ▲ (Zidisha has since created an in-house Support-Ticket system with automated sorting according to borrower country)

    ➤ Since 2016-04-22: Help sort incoming lender and general-public emails in Zendesk into either the "Lender/Public" Team folder or the "Volunteer Applications"folder ▲

    ➤ Since 2016-06-08: Help the Anglophone-Country Teams answer emails (now Support Tickets) from borrowers in Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia ▲

    ➤ 2016-07-08 through 2016-07-31: VACATION (from Zidisha work)

    ➤ 2016-08-15 through 2017-08-18: Helped orient/guide Zidisha's new Operations Coordinator, Alejandra (; and while she was working for Zidisha, also assisted her with staff-admin tasks and other day-to-day Zidisha duties. This was at her request, as that role consisted of more than enough work for two people at that time. Served along with her and Julia as a "Team Admin" in "Slack"; helped with management in "Trello"; helped supervise Country-Liaison Teams, followed up with "Team Leads", and helped guide/train newbie staff members; helped manage the "Meet The Team" and "Alumni" pages when short-term interns and others joined or left (for those who choose to be listed on those screens); and helped to complete other daily tasks. (I still have continued to do some of this work, beyond 2017-08-18, when able to find time to do so.)

    ➤ 2016-12-12 through 2016-12-31: Help translate (from Spanish into English) loan-profile titles and descriptions from borrowers in Mexico (prior to the integration of "Google Translate" onto the Zidisha website; afterwards, helped to correct some of those automated translations) ▲

    ➤ 2017-06-08 through 2017-06-18: VACATION (from Zidisha work)

    ➤ Since 2017-04-11: Help answer emails from lenders and others from the general public, along with Alejandra ( ), while she was here (and at her request), and along with Julia ( )

    ** ➤ Since 2017-05-20, there unfortunately has been a persistent technical problem on the Ecobank-BurkinaFaso website which is preventing us from logging into our Ecobank-BurkinaFaso account to retrieve the daily spreadsheets of repayments from borrowers, to record those on the Zidisha website. Crediting repayments on the Zidisha website (and disbursing loans) will resume for borrowers in Burkina Faso as soon as Ecobank's technical problem gets resolved.

    ➤ Since 2017-09-16: Team Leader, Wednesday & Saturday Francophone-Country Liaison Teams

    ➤ Since 2017-09-16: Team Leader, Payment Team for Burkina Faso

    ➤ Since 2017-09-16 through 2018-03-12: Team Leader, Payment Team for Senegal (while Paige was away; and another time when she was on staff but was focusing on other tasks) ( (more about Paige:

    ➤ Since 2017-11-01: Help translate (from English into French, and from English into Spanish) the versions of the Zidisha website that borrowers access in five Francophone countries where Zidisha has borrowers (Burkina Faso, Guinea, Haiti, Niger, Senegal) and in Mexico, the one Hispanic Country so far where Zidisha also has borrowers ▲

    ➤ Since 2018-02-05: Team Leader, Wednesday Anglophone-Country Liaison Team

    ➤ Since 2018-02-05: Joined the Payment Team for Zambia (approve loan profiles, disburse loans, credit repayments, answer payment-related Support Tickets)

    ▲ (noticed help was needed and took the initiative to help)

    Modified: Friday, 2018-03-16 @ 4:11 P.M., E.D.T.